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Lego Minifig Chess Sets
Star Wars   Castle
Star Wars Chess Set It's the Dark side verses the Light side in a battle for the galaxy!   King Leo Chess Set King Leo battles an Undead Army for control of the kingdom!
Forestmen   Western
Forestmen Chess Set Robin Hood takes on the very evil Sheriff of Nottingham!   Western Chess Set The US Cavalry verses the Indians!
More Photos   Other Projects
Lego Chess Sets More chess set photos   TIE Interceptor Other Lego projects

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Back in January 1999, I discovered a Lego chess set hidden within the pages of the Ultimate Lego Book. The Master Model Builders at Lego had taken the Western Theme and turned the Cavalry and Indian minifigs into chess pieces. It was an impressive set, but the pieces were too big to fit on a standard chess board.

I took on this challenge and made my first Lego chess set using the Castle theme in March 2000. This went so well, I got carried away and made sets for the Western, Forestmen, and even the Star Wars, themes.

Proceed at your own risk! Undertaking any of these projects will mess with your mind and lighten your wallet!

If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me at webfoot17@hotmail.com


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